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Please allow me to introduce myself.

I am Chase A. Gullett

It is my mission to provide restoration, maintenance and repair service, for most common stringed instruments.

Offering this personalized service experience to musicians in Delaware and surrounding counties.

I care for each instrument as if it were my own,

It’s my experience, personal touch, and attention to detail, that sets my service apart.

With 20 years of experience working on guitars of all types, including my own line of custom electric guitars under the brand Chasing Vintage Guitars, as well as certifications for Taylor Guitars warranty services.  

I offer several types of service and repair for electric guitars, acoustic guitars, electric bass, ukulele, mandolin, and banjo.


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All estimates are free and flexible according to materials and scheduling. 

I service all of greater Columbus, OH

CALL (567) 876-1504 or email 

gullett guitar service_02.jpg


Every guitar is unique and has different needs. I can optimize your guitar make it perform the way you want it to. Below I have listed my standard services. But if you need something different or have a question about service just give me a shout. I'm happy to work with you to figure out what needs to be done.

For a complete description of my services listed below visit SERVICE DETAILS



A good setup can improve just about any guitar but, a great setup is one that is dialed into the players feel and touch, pushing the guitar to its full potential and helping the individual player get the most from it. There are many aspects to consider when "dialing in" a guitar every instrument is as unique as the hands that coax great music from it.

Services Performed:

1. Adjust the Truss Rod for Flatness.

2. Nut Slot Fine Tuning and Smoothing.

3. Thorough Cleaning and Hand polishing.

4. Fretboard Cleaned and Conditioned.

5. All Hardware and Electronics Inspected.

6. Bolt-On Neck Angles Adjusted.

7. New Strings, Installed, and Properly Stretched.

8. Adjust the Truss Rod for proper neck Relief.

9. Action and Intonation set to Your Choice of Tuning.

10. Adjust Pickups for Even String Definition.

11. Final 150+ point Quality Inspection.

Basic Setups start at $60

Set UP Add-on's 

These are common variables I can add to your set up. If you have add-on's in mind I have not listed, just give me a call for a quote. 

  • $50 - Handcut unbleached bone nut

  • $50 - Handcut unbleached bone saddle

  • $50 - Floyd Rose or other floating type bridge

  • $25 - 12-string guitar

  • $90 - Fret work frets leveled, and crowned. fret ends and edges smoothed. All frets finely polished.

  • $50 - Machine buffed finish



These are a few individual guitar maintenance services I offer. If you would like to discuss something that is not listed or have questions on these services please call (567) 876-1504 for a free estimate. 

NUTS & Saddles  

Nuts & Saddles can be replaced but I will only do those with a full set up as they are dependent on proper fretwork and truss rod adjustments. See Full Set Up service above.


Fret work

  • $100 - Fret level Dress & Polish (add $50 for gibson “nibs”)

  • $300 - Re-Fret

    • Add $100 for bound fret-board

    • Add $100 for maple neck


$50 minimum

  • $15 - Per component plus cost of parts

  • Add $75 for semi-hollow/hollow body 


8 week minimum turnaround for finishing services

  • $500 minimum - Nitrocellulose lacquer



Since I build instruments as well as service them, I can perform many modifications to just about anything. With this type of work being so varied and really "custom" in nature I cannot set standard rates and you must schedule a time to bring in the project for a quote.

Additional examples:

  • Adding custom inlays

  • Addition or removal of tremolo systems

  • Changing bridges

  • Add locking tuners

  • Routing for different pickups

  • Custom pickguards


If you have other services needed not listed here email me or call (567) 876-1504

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Thanks for visiting, I look forward to working with you! 


CALL DIRECT  (567)876-1504



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